~Phil Gerbyshak

I had a prospecting meeting with an achiever. His previous meeting had run long, so we only had 10 minutes. I managed to share just the results, and he hired me at the 8 minute mark, earning me $3000 per year, and likely $30000 in lifetime value as he’s already referring me to his peers.

~Fortune 100 Financial Company

I am getting more satisfaction from my job than ever and feel less stress and pressure when the caller requires more time. The callers also are expressing their appreciation.

~Alan Moore

Since adopting these tools, I have signed on 100% of the prospective clients I have met with. Although I doubt that level of success continues, I have far exceeded my financial goals for this year.

~Amit Patel

Even though the book is geared towards sales, many of the tools and practices can be used by team members during other customer engagements related to our business, (such as project development, deployment, and manufacturing support).

~Financial Services Industry

I made a subtle shift from focusing on myself and my ability to answer questions to wanting to focus more specifically on the caller, their Tribal Type, and their POWNs and WIIFT. I started worrying less about providing the best answers then in asking the right questions, listening better, and in paraphrasing to confirm understanding […]

~Kat So

Some great techniques and tips that can be applied immediately – and with great results.

~Niti Kumar

Everybody needs to ‘sell’ something at some point. These ideas help plan the sales through simple steps.

~Jeffrey Eigner

I have learned a disciplined approach to “customer” engagement that, if properly applied, will significantly improve my sales effectiveness.