~Kevin Ho

The models and concepts are applicable in most of our everyday conversations with internal teams besides customers and in my personal life.

~Kenny Hau

I have held a number of internal workshops where I have been able to connect with partner groups through effective conversation that has resulted in partner groups issuing briefs and arranging meetings for me to meet with their clients.

~Hemant Chaukan

I now have the right tools to prepare myself for presentations. I have the ability to customize them based on my audience.

~Simon Porter

Love the Quick Prep Tool. Clarifies where I am and covers things I may have missed.

~Irene Renilla

This has given me the necessary structure to follow up on sales calls and to achieve the best possible results.

~Kyle Timm

You have to shake that “either I got or I don’t” attitude and realize that success in selling is not a personality but a collaboration of initiative and preparation.

~S Finn

Using WIIFT, I put together a Digital Road Map for the new client, outlining all of the activities we had planned on undertaking with the old client for the rest of the year. Instead of simply listing the activities and costs out, each got a few dedicated slides in a PPT with clearly defined “Outcomes”, […]

~A. G.

This course will definitely have a positive impact on my future sales. I will be able to use many portions of what I learned not only in sales but other areas of my life.

~Matt Mantyla

Working with Eddie Block from GP Crossett, who’s commander tribal type is easily noticeable. We don’t have the order yet, but I anticipate a $30K order.

~Brent Isner

It was a connecting bridge between the skills I had and the abilities I wanted to have.