Conversations That Sell

Conversations That Sell

by Nancy Bleeke Noël
Collaborate with Buyers and Make Every Conversation Count

Conversations That Sell

by Nancy Bleeke
Collaborate with Buyers and Make Every Conversation Count
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Free Tools

Great conversations begin before you speak. The tools on this page will equip you to prepare, adapt, and converse effectively.Each tool is field proven and can either be printed or completed on-line and then printed.

  • Quick Prep.
    The Quick Prep Tool has two sides – Side One to outline your conversation from beginning to end. Side Two is a guide for researching your contact and prospective company. Chapters 3-10 in the Conversations That Sell book provide explanation, tips, and many examples you can incorporate into your preparation and conversation. Click here to download the Quick Prep Tool
  • Tribal Types.
    Identify the Type of person you are talking with. Learning about Tribal Types begins in Chapter 4 of Conversations That Sell and then is incorporated into every chapter that follows – adapting your conversation to the person is that important! Click here to download the Tribal Types Tool
  • Goal Planner.
    Follow outline for setting your goals. Match it with the information in Chapter 13 and you will quickly achieve the as well! Click here to download the Goal Planner
  • Sales Survey.
    Click here to download the Sales Survey

All the tools are ©Sales Pro Insider, Inc. and are to be used for individual use. If you’d like to incorporate the tools into your team’s habits, contact Nancy.

Smart Selling Tools

If you are looking for more comprehensive tools for your team, Nancy Nardin of Smart Selling Tools updates her reviews and tips on sales tools constantly. You can find the site here.

You can get a free 2013 Guide to Sales Tools here as well.

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