Conversations That Sell

Conversations That Sell

by Nancy Bleeke Noël
Collaborate with Buyers and Make Every Conversation Count

Conversations That Sell

by Nancy Bleeke
Collaborate with Buyers and Make Every Conversation Count
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When it comes to sales, there's no such thing as "small talk."

Conversations That Sell helps you make the most of every conversation.

Today’s buyers want more from sellers than a consultation. They demand meaningful, collaborative conversations that result in a Win3… where they, the seller, and the organization, achieve a winning outcome.

Conversations That Sell outlines the what, how, and why of collaborative conversation skills needed to capture the buyer’s attention and close business.

In This E-World, Conversations Still Rule

“Since adopting these tools, I have signed on 100% of the prospective clients I have met with.”

~ Alan Moore, Serenity Financial ~

A lot of time, money, and effort are invested in locating buyers through lead generation activities. Do your conversations with those leads pay off? Are you effective and efficient as you work with these buyers in conversations that value their expertise, knowledge, and ideas as much as yours?

In Conversations That Sell you’ll find what you need to make each sales conversation count for the buyer … and yourself.

You’ll discover how to:

Nancy Bleeke Noël, President of Sales Pro Insider, Inc, is a successful sales professional and sought-after sales trainer and has packed the book with valuable tools and examples. Salespeople in all industries will discover how to increase their short- and long-term sales success by making every conversation count as they keep the focus of every conversation where it belongs – on the buyer.

“This book is filled with lots of exercises and examples of how to improve your approach to selling. This is a very good training manual for those sales professionals looking to significantly improve their performance.”
~ John Chancellor, Teach the Soul ~

Sales Pro Insider, Inc. provides sales and service training and tools that produce 5-25% sales increases within the first 60 days.

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We Help You Create Conversations that Increase Sales

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